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Insurance Companies have criteria that vary from 7 - 13 hits (or impacts) per square (100 sq. ft of roofing). Adjusters will mark and photograph the amount of hits per square on at least (2) slopes of the roof, sometimes more. Other factors become involved and actually vary across the duration of a claim period.

We advise the following procedure unless you are a General Contractor yourself: Check the property for damage you can easily spot from the ground We do not advise homeowners crawl around on roof surfaces, especially steep ones. There is no need to. Check for dents in metal surfaces such as your mail box, trim pieces, gutters and downspouts. Check for hits (dis-colorization) on wood surfaces such as decks and fences. Check A/C coils for imprints.

It costs you nothing to file a claim. When in doubt, file a claim, If there is damage in your area or you see neighbors homes being inspected, file a claim. Find a General Contractor experienced in insurance claims, capable of submitting a claim in Xactimate (Insurance Claim Software) for all repairs on your property (not just the roof)

Roof-Advisor's team has Flood & Restoration claim specialists that are trained to spot damages often missed by property owners. We also use Xactimate for up to date line-item pricing. Xactimate speaks to adjusters in their language and will assure you with the accurate compensation you deserve.


7-10 impact points per square of shingles is the normal rule. Look at the gutters, windows, vents, HVAC condenser fins and anything made from soft metal, plastic or vinyl. If they are dented their is a good chance you have roof damage.

Hail damage gets worse as time goes on. Many customers do not realize they have damage until years after the hail-storm, and it's too late. Contact us for a free hail inspection. click here