You’re now backed by a group of general contractors, engineers and insurance specialists that know the claims process inside out!

Our staff is trained in the latest insurance standards and software applications available. They will make sure you get the insurance compensation you pay for, and deserve. At Roof-Advisor we succeed where others fail.

No Charge Emergency Services- click here

All insurance companies require you to protect your property from further damage after a loss or catastrophe. To many property owners and managers this is a impossible task. This is especially the case with roof damage.

Roof-Advisor will do “Emergency Temporary Repairs” to meet the Insurance Company / Policy requirements and to prevent the property from further damage.

We will also document and photograph the damages to expedite the claim.

These services are done at minimal costs, and often a fraction of the cost of materials without labor. The insurance company usually pays the temporary repair costs, and Roof-Advisor can make sure you are covered or reimbursed for Temporary Emergency repairs.  click here

Many of our crews and staff have worked with the Army Corps & FEMA doing "Operation Blue Roof", and are trained by and among the best in the business.
Roof-Advisor is an insurance restoration specialty company. We specialize in Residential and Commercial Claims, and over the years we have done many churches and house of worship congregations.

Insurance Companies have professionals working against you (Policyholders), and now you have a team on your side!
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